Trained Yorkshire Terrier for sale: why choose WKD for your next dog

Lovingly called a Yorkie by proud owners around the world, a correctly selected Yorkshire Terrier is one of the all-time favourite pets that will be a welcome addition to any home of any size. If you are looking for a Yorkshire Terrier for sale  you can do no better than a Yorkie which has been fully temperament tested, matched to your requirements and trained by WKD Trained Dogs.

One thing you may want to know about Yorkies is the fact that his coat that has won him many a competition can also be your undoing. It is long and lustrous when groomed daily, sometimes brushed several times throughout the day, but as an extremely long haired dog it will take an owner with some extra time on his or her hands to keep this dog as majestic as he should be. As a family pet you can do no better than to seek a Yorkshire Terrier for sale because this lovable little canine enjoys a prank or two and will curl up in your lap for hours on end.

Temperament of the Yorkshire Terrier

We cannot stress enough that each and every Dog, just like humans is an individual. Just because a Book or online resource suggests that a Dog from a particular breed will behave in a particular way we encourage you to select a Dog based on its own traits rather than the ones the breed is predisposed to.

At WKD we absolutely love each and every Yorkie we have had the pleasure to work with following graduation from our temperament testing process. That said, as with any breed, we have found that only a rare 10% of the Yorkshire Terriers we temperament test are suitable to gain the WKD stamp of approval and then progress on their journey to becomming the best companion one could wish for. Generally they do well as a family pet and are extremely people friendly – we take great care when choosing Yorkshire Terriers to ensure that their social energy levels are at a suitable level. If the social energy levels are too high, combined with their small size they can be prone to jumping up on people. When you buy a trained Yorkshire Terrier from WKD you know that you are getting a dog that has been thoroughly assessed for temperament and health. The training we provide complements your ideal match to ensure a lifelong bond and partnership.

Yorkshire Terriers – Exercise Needed

Yorkies are known for being high in energy levels so please don’t be fooled by their small size. Living with a low energy Great Dane is easier than living with a high energy chihuahua. At WKD we aim to supply a Dog which mentally requires between thirty and sixty minutes of exercise a day but is physically capable of Ten hours a Day, this is in stark contrast to the reality of the many Dogs which require 10 hours and only get thirty minutes a leading to many issues for their owners. We can select a Yorkshire Terrier whose energy requirements match yours perfectly. A miss match of energy levels is the most common reason for a Dog being rehomed or living a life of compromise with its owner.

Breed Specific Summary on the Yorkshire Terrier

Perhaps one of the all-time top ten companion dogs, a WKD Trained Yorkshire Terrier for sale won’t stay around for very long. If you’ve a mind to contact WKD for a Yorkie, the best advice would be not to refrain from inquiring for too long. These lovable dogs come and go as quickly as we can test and train them. Please visit our dogs for sale page or call us to discuss your requirements.

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