Springer Spaniel for sale: why choose WKD for your next dog

To this day, the Springer Spaniel is famous for its ability to startle birds into flight in such a way that the bird literally springs upwards and away. This is why they are called ‘Springer’ and the trait that still endears them to hunters around the globe. There are two main lines of Springer Spaniels which include the English line and Welsh Springer Spaniel. Of the two, the English Springer with its iconic black and white spots is the most popular and said to be the original of the two.

The Welsh Springer Spaniel, like the English line, is the perfect bird dog for hunters but the English Springer is what most people envision when they think of a Springer Spaniel. The Welsh line is reddish-brown and white whereas the English Springer is black and white and it is said that the iconic red of the Welsh Springer Spaniel became pronounced as it is today during the early part of the 20th Century. Some breeders believe that the Welsh line stemmed from English Springer Spaniels but there is no conclusive evidence that this is the case.

Temperament of Springer Spaniels

Many dog breeders and trainers will gladly tell you that Spaniels, in general, are extremely friendly dogs and so typically are good as a family dog.

Here at WKD we thoroughly test all puppies and Springer Spaniel for sale to ensure that they have breed specific temperaments and that they are a good match with the prospective owner. No character flaw will ever be passed and so you can always be guaranteed that when you search for a Springer Spaniel for sale on our website, our dogs will be exactly what you are looking for. After filling out the extensive questionnaire, we are then able to determine if the dog you request is best suited to your requirements. Sometimes there is a better match that you just may not be aware of!

Springer Spaniels – Exercise Needed

As with all gundogs, Spaniels need a lot of exercise. They do equally well in large and small houses and can thrive in country or city living. The main thing to keep in mind is that you need to have space to let your Springer ‘spring’ as he will want to run and hunt and startle birds and really, any small creature he may find ‘hiding’ in the brush. Be prepared to let your four-legged friend run and play for more than an hour a day.

Breed Specific Summary on Springer Spaniel For Sale

The Welsh line is a trifle smaller and his head is said to be finer but both the English and the Welsh Springer Spaniels need to be groomed at least twice a week and bathed weekly. Anyone with allergies may want to discuss with their primary physician if it is safe to have a dog with medium hair and a longish tail as the dander and hair it sheds may create issues. Whether you are a hunting man seeking a great gundog or a family seeking a companionable dog, the Springer Spaniel will easily work his way into the hearts of all he meets, so check out our dogs for sale or call us to discuss your requirements.


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